National Impact

Rebecca is a nationally and internationally known legal analyst for major news networks including Fox News Channel, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and HLN. She appears live on primetime and dayside shows to present and dissect all major legal breaking news stories. She reports, comments, analyzes and debates pressing legal topics. For ten years she has been a go-to legal analyst for breaking national and international legal news stories including criminal matters, international relations matters, United States constitutional law matters, securities and regulation matters, corporate law matters, family law matters and celebrity legal stories.

Shows she has appeared on include: Hannity, Lou Dobbs Live, The Today Show, Your World with Neil Cavuto, Shepard Smith, Fox and Friends, Nancy Grace, Jane Velez Mitchell, America’s Newsroom, Happening Now, Bill O’Reilly, Bulls and Bears, Afer the Bell, Happy Hour, Mornings with Alex Witt, Tamron Hall Show. Among the thousands of stories she has covered is the ongoing sexual harassment allegations against Matt Lauer. Harvey Weinstein, various US politicians, OJ Simpson incarceration and eventual parole, BP oil spill, mass shootings patent and technology claims including Facebook and Google litigation.

Having a voice that reaches the national television audience is something Rebecca takes very seriously. While on air, she strives to connect and communicate clearly with her television audience, avoiding complicated legalese. Rebecca makes a point of expressing ideas in plain terms as an effective approach to clarify the legal issues she discusses. Of real concern to Rebecca are the victims and families behind the stories. Making sure their rights are protected, and ensuring their stories are accurately told, with integrity, is of great importance to her.

Of special interest to Rebecca is the Constitution and its protections. She makes particular effort to incorporate into news coverage a discussion of the great protections the Constitution inures to Americans. The democratic process and the ability for all to participate in this evolving and dynamic democracy is of special interest to Rebecca and one of the main reasons she is compelled to lend a voice to these topics.

Currently, Rebecca is in development with a national network for a one-hour documentary/investigative journalism series co-starring Nancy Grace and Mark Eiglasch. Previously, Rebecca was the lead on the show Divorce Hotel for the Fox Network with Executive Produce A. Smith & Company.

Professional Reel

Professional Reel